Vacation/Reunion Photos

Remember these are low resolution photos that don't print well. If you want a higher resolution photo for printing, let me know and I'll send it to you. The first picture is of a caterpillar Mary and Tom found in our garden. Then there are several pictures of Mary's first baby shower. The rest are from our vacation/reunion.

Grace and Austen eating together

Hayley wearing the beautiful dress Grammy made.

Hayley looking at the animals at the zoo.

Uncle Tom holding Grants hand and Grace and Austen walking with each other at the Zoo.

Jessica and Ava at the Zoo

Phil with the two girls at the zoo.

Uncle Tom with Grant looking at the monkeys.

All the kids were so interested in the geese including the big kid, John.

Austen, Grace, Grant, Jessica and Hayley outside of the Zoo.

Tuesday night poker night.

At 7 months, Hayley has decided that she can stand up in the crib now.

Great Aunt Charlotte holding Hayley showing off her dress Grammy made.

Marys baby shower with Family.

Very delicious baby shower cake for Mary that Charlotte made.

Mary sporting the Vickery family reunion T-shirt.

Mary at her baby shower.

Aunt Charlotte and cousin Laurel at Marys baby shower.

Breakfast at Annes.

The three youngsters: Ava, Jessica and Hayley

The kids at the zoo in the goat pen.

Outside the zoo.

Ava and Jessica enjoying some Granny Gert's spaghetti.

Phil, Charlotte, and John doing the chicken dance at the Germantown beer walk.

The Vickery family reunion representing at the Germantown beer walk.

Drunk John and Mary outide of Nachbar.

Mary in her curlers at Kmart.

Hayley and John at the Zoo.

Grace at her soccer game.